Beatrice Bankauskaite

Beatrice Bankauskaite

Beatrice Bankauskaite is a Fulbright grantee and a graduate student at the University of Missouri studying documentary and photojournalism. She previously worked as a reporter at 15 MIN, one of the largest digital news outlets in Lithuania, covering parliament elections, social justice, and education. Beatrice’s journalism interests center around social and environmental justice, social movements, and migration. She is from the Alytus district in Lithuania. Bankauskaite is working with Frazier to investigate the relationship between class mobility and the credit system in the US.



Mya Frazier

Mya Frazier is writing a book that expands on her recent investigation for The New York Times Magazine into America’s housing crisis and the credit reporting system. During the fellowship, she will research the relationship between class mobility and the credit system.

Beatrice Bankauskaite

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