Steven Garrison

Steven Garrison

Working with Pamela Colloff to investigate the criminal justice system in Missouri and other states.

Steve Garrison covered the criminal justice system for six years at newspapers in Wisconsin, New Mexico and Indiana before pursuing a master’s degree in investigative journalism from the Missouri School of Journalism. Steve was recently named the recipient of the James and Patricia Atwater Memorial Writing Prize for his coverage of severe weather and flooding in mid-Missouri. This summer he volunteered with the Covid Tracking Project and interned with Injustice Watch, a Chicago nonprofit news organization focused on exposing institutional failures that obstruct justice and equality.

Garrison will work with Colloff to investigate the criminal justice system.

Pamela Colloff


Pamela Colloff

Staff writer, New York Times Magazine
and Senior Reporter at ProPublica

Writing a book about the criminal justice system and jailhouse informants.


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